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Shay's Rarely Updated Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2004|03:27 pm]
So I'm at school and bored. So you guys get the treat of an update alright! I have to be at work in like an hour and a half YAY. I like work, except for when the boys are being stupid...why do I say boys, its not all of them, just one! Ugh anyway, only 2 more weeks of school. This week of class and then exams start on the 5th. These exams are going to stress me out, but I think I will do alright whoohoo.

This weekend I went to a concert, Wayfest 2004. It was a HUGE Christian concert, like 7 bands, and I only wanted to see 2 of the bands there. The very first band, BarlowGirl (and the main reason I went) were AWESOME. I love their music it is awesome. I got to talk to them after the show, their spirit and passion was totally uplifiting and way more than I expected. I liked their concert so much I decided to go see them in Atlanta in June. YAY!! Its kind of my treat to myself for sticking it out through this dreadfully hard semester!

Well I'm off to the bookstore, thought I would post a quick message to solve boredom!
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2004|11:37 am]
[mood |relaxed]
[music |Warren Barfield]

Well hey there kiddies...or should I say...Jookstadoodlebug19, Jamesfgcusabre, and all you crazy ER Fans who have me on your friends list. How are you all??? Well I know atleast one of you has been laughing alot lately, and thats good. And well...thats as far as I have made it down my friends list today haha.

Well anyway...this week has been my spring break. what have I done you ask? Oh well nothing really...worked alot. I'm off today so my goal is to study ALOT. I have a paper due next week. 2 HUGE projects due in 3 weeks, a test on the 5th(which is gonna beat me to a bloody pulp.) Also I have lots of questions to answer in Historical Geology. Dr. B's wife has cancer so he has been out lots with her (and thats ok he should be with his wife). Since he has been out so much instead of lecturing he just assigns questions for us.

Work: I really enjoy all the people I work with. Its pleasant to have an escape from
A: People who are related to me.
B:People I have known forever (don't get me wrong...I love ya guys...its just good to be exposed to new people)
C: Geology geeks like myself.
Well I must go...these books are calling me name...can you hear that too?

For your viewing pleasure...a map of everywhere I have been.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2004|09:45 am]
So not much is happening in my life these days...just a few random things, some more weird than others...Peer pressure at 20 years old...its all good though. Maybe its time I actually give in and experience all these things I still have not allowed myself to experience. Don't worry though...I probably won't.

I saw the passion the other day. Overall...good portrayal of the last hours of My Jesus, BUT I wasn't shocked as most people were? I mean, the WHOLE movie is written down in a book, and I have all these Christian friends running around "wow I had no idea..." What is that? Its ALL written down in the Bible folks. Did I cry? Nope. Did I want to? ONCE and ONLY once, When Mary(Mother of Jesus) kissed his bloodied feet. I was like...aww thats love man, because I couldn't stand there and watch my son do that no matter HOW much he had reassured me it was what had to be done to save the world. I just would NOT be able to do it!

Well thats my rant for the day...I have 10 minutes until class, and I need to do a little bit of reviewing. Mineralogy is up next. I love love love that class, but right now its a bit of a stress, because we are beginning to look at minerals in hand sample, and we are going to have like 80 minerals on this next test.. it is DRAMA trying to remember all those minerals!

Well anyway...have an Excellent Wednesday.
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2004|08:59 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Popular Genius]

Good Morning all. For once I get to sleep in on a Saturday. I usually have to be at work by 6:00/6:30 AM on saturday/Sunday...but today I don't have to go in until 10:30 and I get done at 4:00. Now all I need is someone to do something with on Valentines and this would be the perfect day, but alas I don't think that is gonna happen. Oh well I'm not sad or anything. I'm ok with being single, but don't get me wrong...I would definetly date if someone asked heh.

Ohh Ohh Guess what. Last night at Wal-mart I was looking in the $5.50 DVD bin as I ALWAYS do, looking for Oxygen(Maura Tierney and Adrien Brody for you none ER/Mo Fans). Well I looked for about 10 minutes, got tired of looking...walked to the other side to look at some clothes...stuck my hand in the bin to just like shake around the DVD's or something...And what do I find but Oxygen! I literally cheered for myself when I found it. I think it was something like WHOOHOO I found it! I Found it!!

Its almost my birthday. Feb. 26th...what will I get you ask? Well I have no idea. I hope my family gives me money, and I hope that my friends like...only get me a card or something WAY cheap, because were are all in college and have better things to spend/save for then birthday presents. I'll be 20...what does one do for their 20th birthday? I'm going to go see "The Passion of The Christ" you know the movie Mel Gibson produced about Jesus...I'm so excited about, I just know I'm gonna sit in the theater and cry lol. and I'm gonna watch ER too...What better a birthday...ER, a Movie, hanging out with my friends...I think I'm gonna skip class too, just because I can haha! well its 9:00 and I need to go start some laundry, read a bit and head off to work!
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2004|10:16 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |The hum]


You know what...my VCR didn't tape ER! or Friends, but well I'm more worried about my ER.

OMG I'm not big on cursing but I just wanna scream obscenity's VERY loud.

GRRR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH This makes me Angry...any of you ER fans out there want to make me a copy of the Episode and mail it to me?!?!
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Does anyone have a Canoe or a Kayak I could use?? [Feb. 6th, 2004|05:39 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |The hum of the air pump for my fish tank.]

It rained for close to 24 hours straight. LOTS of water in my yard, EVERYWHERE. Rain+Flooding+Cold temperatures=ICY ROADS. I expect to have to leave for work pretty darn early in the morning to get there safely. EVIL Tennessee! I was driving behind this school bus (thursday the day it flooded) and the spray it created when driving through "standing water" went up and OVER my car! The schools in most of the counties in middle TN were out of school today...who would have thought, out of school for flooding!

I had a test today(friday) in Mineralogy. I had myself pretty psyched/nervous about it, but I think I did well. I figured up my grade by the points Dr. Cribb on the test and I'm thinking I'll get a 90 or higher, BUT I might have really screwed up one part so we'll see! I love that class/professor. He brought us doughnuts today for the test...so awesome.

ER last night for those who haven't seen it, a friendly cut.Collapse )
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Carby Song Possibly? [Feb. 2nd, 2004|05:47 pm]
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Long Day [Feb. 2nd, 2004|05:40 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Popular Genius]

Today was a long day. I was WAY bored all day. I had class at 8:05 till about 9:00...Literature, that was decent.
Then I had an hour break so I went to the computer lab and...read some ER spoilers, checked/wrote some emails, then I left to go study a bit before class. Next up was Mineralogy...we got out of that class an hour early. So I was out of class at like 11:30. I went to KUC to stalk with Dana playagoddess she was working on a speech she had to do that day. So Now its about noon and I have nothing to do until 12:30 So I go and talk to Meagan, a girl I work with and get some CD's back that I loaned from her. Bored again so this time I go back to the lab, but on my way I see a girl from History last semester, she asks what I made on the Final...and I had no idea so I then go hunt down that prof. She was teaching a class when I found her. So I studied a bit and talked with her after class..NEVER asked about my grade haha. I'll email her in a bit and ask.

Finally my day in class was over and I could go to the hospital to meet my newest Nephew, Gage. Soo cute, but I'm bias, I'm the aunt haha. He is healthy...sorry I don't know measurements and all..I'm a Terrible aunt!!! Haha J/K!
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2004|10:23 am]
Survey Stolen from Jooksta doodlebug19

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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2004|09:51 am]
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |People typing]

Since I have just had several recent additions to my friends list I figure I might as well give you kids a little something to read! I have about an hour before class starts so I figured I could kill about 15 minutes of that time by posting here.

I learned yesterday from another prof. that I am taking THE hardest undergraduate Geology class. That makes a little bit nervous. I mean this is my second/thrid Geo. class(I'm taking 2 this semester) and Mineralogy is the hardest one ever...what was my advisor thinking!?!?! Oh right *ding* he is the Prof. of the class Dr. Cribb. This class is only offered once every 3 semesters so I suppose that is why he had me take it. Today in Economics we had a trade session. Everyone had to bring in an item under $2 in value, put it in a sack, and trade with other people. I traded an inscent(SP?) holder and stick set for some candy...can you tell I was hungry?

My sister-in-law needs to hurry up and have this baby I'm anxious to meet my new nephew. I think perhaps I should go find one of those really random quizzes and post it, under a cut of course, so everyone can get to know Shay a bit better! Well I'm done for the day unless I run across something exciting in the next 45 minutes!
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